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Holiday Cargo Rush; The Best Time Of The Year

Tue Nov 27, 2007 4:07 pm

Well, the holiday cargo rush is upon us and some great spotting opportunities comes with it for the next month or so. Here in BOS I've already started to see some additional/unusual cargo movements. Astar has had an extra 722 here on and off for the past week and UPS has had both DC-8-73s and 752s here on and off in for about two weeks. These movements are in addition to the normal two a day Astar 722s and the normal two a day UPS A306s. I also saw an ABX DC-9 the other day (pretty unusual). I haven't noticed a difference over at the FedEx ramp yet but, I'm sure that will get busier too. Anyone else notice a difference at your home airport?

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