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US 752 Diversion To BIL

Sat Aug 26, 2000 10:42 am

Has anyone heard much about the US Airways 757-200 that was enroute from PHL-SEA and got diverted to BIL because of a failed engine. I've only heard bits and pieces of the story.

I DO KNOW the tail number was N622AU

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Keep in mind, US Airways doesn't serve BIL. It was interesting because a friend of mine and I were talking about this subject a few days earlier. What happens if US has a flight diverted to SLC, where US doesn't have a ground staff?
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RE: US 752 Diversion To BIL

Sat Aug 26, 2000 11:04 am

Here in the USA operating under Part 121, any twin-engined airliner that has to shutdown an engine must land at the nearest suitable airport in point-of-time. It doesn't matter whether the airline has service at that "nearest" airport. If they don't, they use the maintenance folks from other airlines (or FBOs) that may be there. If there is none, they'll send put their own mechanics and tools on another airline's flight, and deal with it when they arrive. Most airlines will help each other out in these cases (when they don't serve the diversion city) since what comes around goes around, and next time the situation could be reversed.
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RE: US 752 Diversion To BIL

Sat Aug 26, 2000 11:21 am

OPNLguy... I knew that. US Airways had to ferry another 752 with a maintenance crew aboard to BIL. Not only that, my friend tells me that Boeing sent a crew too. I'm curious if anyone else has heard much.
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RE: US 752 Diversion To BIL

Sat Aug 26, 2000 11:40 am

I've been on that plane!  

US AIRWAYS will ferry out a 757, or other type of plane to complete the trip. US Airways will send some mechanics to fix the plane's engine, and then, 2 Enginering Pilots will Ferry the plane back to Pittsburgh, for additonal maintence. Correct me if I'm wrong, but thar is where their maintence facility is.

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RE: US 752 Diversion To BIL

Sun Aug 27, 2000 12:50 am

The 757s are maintained in Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and possibly LAX.
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Road Trip!

Sun Aug 27, 2000 1:07 am

At non-maintainance outstations ( or diversion stations no normally served ) mechanics and parts are sent from the nearest maintainence base if it's a minor problem...but PIT or CLT most often, especially for something like an engine R&R. 757 or 767 are mostly supported by CLT maintainence wise but it's not a hard fast rule. Ironically, most "road trips" by mechanics ( as they are called by insiders ) are by air...though the outstations located a reasonable driving distance are indeed "road trips" ( CLT-GSP, PIT-ERI for example ) which makes it easier because you can throw everything in a pickup truck and take the kitchen sink rather than trying to make a last mnute mad dash to throw everything in an aircrafts cargo compartment. Some road trips that are very time sensitive and not served by a revenue flight in a timely manner will employ an air taxi hired by the company...usually a Lear or a King Air or somesuch light craft.