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Get Free Flights For Charity?(Cambridge Jailbreak)

Fri Nov 30, 2007 7:59 pm

Hi everyone

I'm thinking of taking part in an event we have at Cambridge (UK) next term called Jailbreak. It's organised by RAG which is a Cambridge society just aimed at raising money for charity. Basically you (and a partner) have 36 hours to get as far away from Cambridge as possible but on one condition - without paying anything (that includes airmiles, getting someone else to pay for you, etc). We pay an entrance fee which covers our kit-up pack, insurance etc, and all profits go to charity. The winners are the pair who get furthest from Cambridge in the 36 hours.

Last time the winners got to Poland, 2006 Tokyo and 2005 Toronto. Now, it's possible I suppose to get to Poland in 36 hours via ferry and hitching rides but for Tokyo and Toronto they will obviously have had to use air travel. This will sound mad, but does anyone have any suggestions about how to possibly persuade airlines to fly you for free, perhaps on the agreement that you're coming straight back and it's completely for charity etc? Unfortunately one of the rules is you cannot officially make any arrangements with travel companies before the 36 hours commences so it's not as if we can write to airlines weeks in advance. Any suggestions or do you think it's completely out of the question? Any airlines known to be particularly sympathetic to something like this? In terms of airports, I'm sure we could get to STN and probably LHR for free without too much difficulty from Cambridge.

The website is here: http://www.cambridgerag.org.uk/?page_id=11 and rules here: http://www.cambridgerag.org.uk/?page_id=367


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RE: Get Free Flights For Charity?(Cambridge Jailbreak)

Fri Nov 30, 2007 8:10 pm

Generally speaking, freighter aircraft will be more likely to let you in for free. Most cargo widebodies have a few passenger seats, and it's not as if you'd be taking a revenue seat.
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