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First Solo

Sat Aug 26, 2000 2:34 pm

Just curious, does anyone have any interesting first solo stories?

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RE: First Solo

Sat Aug 26, 2000 6:38 pm

My mum has just done her first solo 2 weeks ago. I wasn't there but apparently she did real well. Shes never been real happy with her landings because shes always expecting a smooth landing like the airlines.
The day of her first solo she had done 2 previous circuits before the instructor jumped out on 07 and told her to take off. She was real nervous and just sat in the plane looking at him. He signalled with his hand to move and take-off. So she was cleared to take-off. After climbing above 500ft she had to do a sharp turn before a hill. Because it was her first time she wasn't too sure how close she was to the hill so in order to make sure she didn't hit it she went the long way around it. The ATC had then stuffed her up after that (they knew she was a first time solo) and she didn't understand what they wanted her to do. She then sked for them to explain. A Metro had to wait for her to land. When she returned to the hanger my mum and dad were standing there talking. The pilot of the metro then came over and asked who had just done their fisrt solo (obviously looking at my dad thinking it was him).My mum said she had just done it and her gave her a handshake and said congratulations for asking them to explain and not to let the ATC stuff you around on your first solo. My dad with his PPL was obviously jealous over the handshake from an experienced pilot because he never got one   kind of a long story......