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Canada's 'Airbus Affair'--A Look Into Plane Sales?

Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:17 pm

Well, I am sure most people outside of Canada have no clue what the 'Airbus Affair' is, so i will post the wikipedia article:

In a nutshell, when AC was a government entity, we proceeded to buy some airbus jets. In the beginning there was no real sinister machinations because of this, but there has been a scandal brewing in canada over this. There were rumblings of problems years ago, but it has now started dominating the news here in Canada.

The itneresting thing is that it gives a little insight into how planes are sold. It speaks of almost 3rd party consultants who are paid to reach a deal(600k per plane!). Is this still common? So far it seems airbus really has nothing to worry about as it seems it was(is?) a fairly common thing to do. It is almost all on former PM Mulroney and his cohorts plates right now.

Apparently the guy in the center of this, a german canadian who has been fighting extradition to germany for 10 years, has said that his address to the house ethics committee today will be 'christmas' for them.

So is this part of the seedy world of plane sales?