Express more- HUH? why?

Sun Mar 07, 1999 5:34 am

The other day, I was going ot purchase tickets to go up to Albany just for the day (On UAEXPRESS), because I have to pay for express =( , and I got this outragouse fare. So I checked out IAD-DEN, and it costs almost the same! Why is this??? And by the way, Why is Albany called Albany INTERNATIONAL airport, they have INTERNATIONAL flgihts??? What airline, what planes? Thank-you id advance. Bye =)

RE: Express more- HUH? why?

Sun Mar 07, 1999 5:58 am

First of all, the airport is called "International" because it could handle international flights if needed. I believe if it has customs then it can be rated International.
About the absolutely outrageous prices....
What I have concluded is that routes like that are usually targeted at Business Travel and most businesses will pay big prices because they have large budgets. Ex: Chicago Meigs Field-Springfield is over 320$$$ round trip. But you can walk up and get that fee anytime you want. I believe it's a Beech1900D. They know they can get those prices so thats why they are so high.
Hope this helps...
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RE: Express more- HUH? why?

Sun Mar 07, 1999 6:52 am

Thats absolutely correct. The airlines know that the bussiness men will pay almost any price so they can charge outrageous prices.
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RE: Express more- HUH? why?

Sun Mar 07, 1999 12:58 pm

I think it's also a question of supply and demand. Express flights are operated by smaller aircraft, with generally less demand for the service.