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727s With Winglets

Sun Aug 27, 2000 5:36 pm

A few days ago I saw an Amerijet 727-200 with winglets at the airport. It was the first time that I have ever seen such and so I would like to ask, who does that sort of work on the planes? What companies offer 727-200 upgrades for Stage 3 (which is what that is for) save Valsan, which has collapsed.

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RE: 727s With Winglets

Mon Aug 28, 2000 4:50 am

I found this website for you:

They did the mods to Kelowna Flightcrafts 727s one of which I saw the other day here at YLW. Great sight. Only used up about 3000 feet of the runway and climbed like a rocket!
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RE: 727s With Winglets

Mon Aug 28, 2000 4:54 am

DuganAir offers the Stage III kit with the winglets and a hushed #2 engine on the 727. Raisbeck offers the modified slat and flap schedule which is difficult to notice but their heaviest weight kit has hushkits as well. FedEx has the pure hushkit solution. The Valsan kit is now BFGoodrich's Super 27 solution with the JT8D-217/219 engines in the #1 & #3 positions.