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Undoubtedly, A Very Silly Question!

Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:16 pm

I can imagine this question has been asked before, perhaps hundreds of times, to the point of becoming " Ad nauseam", but kindly indulge here for a second...

... How much have these aircraft on the pic, and many more others sitting on a desert drying up their wings, been able to produce for an airline ???

Geez, how much money burnt in the desert !!!

I mean, have most of stored and retired aircraft flown enough and produced sufficient revenue to pay for themselves ???

In general, what´s the average ratio of profitability obtained by airlines on each one of their birdies ??? I know this would all depend on many factors and considerations, but could you friends and experts out there take a wild guess ???

The Northwest´s 747s on the pic, before its seats end up in some A.netter´s living room or study, how much wealth did they bring to its operators ???

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RE: Undoubtedly, A Very Silly Question!

Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:26 pm

You cannot really put a value on it because of things like inflation and how the value of money changes compared to what you can buy, i.e. in 1996 the average house price in UK was £75k, now the average house price is edging on £200k. Another example I can think of is the DC9, when it was first made, they were selling for $1m? each, however in todays market situation, that equates to more than $20m. It is apples and oranges.
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RE: Undoubtedly, A Very Silly Question!

Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:34 pm

The decision to retire and/or store an aircraft in the desert comes down to several factors:

  • Dispatch reliability. Has the type of plane reached the logical end of its flying career? Is this a type of plane that is just simply not reliable to schedule in flights without causing massive headaches?

  • Fuel Efficiency. Are there newer types that can fly this route more economically?

  • Logistics. Are parts readily available for this type? Does it cost more to repair than it does to operate newer equipment? Does the manufacturer exist anymore? Would this plane be better suited to Fed Ex or UPS perhaps?

    And finally:

  • Lease Rates. Does it cost the airline more in lease rates than it makes flying the route?

    There are more factors, but think of it like operating a fleet of rental cars. After a while, they are worn out and have to be replaced. Hopefully this is after productive lives making money for their owner.
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