Best US Airports For Spotting

Mon Aug 28, 2000 5:05 am

What airports Dallas and eastward are the best spotting for any airline except US majors. I like to go spotting, but I can only go on day trips. Please say if they make you show them your boarding pass to go through security, don't have many windows in the concourses, etc. Any responses will be appreciated.
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RE: Best US Airports For Spotting

Mon Aug 28, 2000 10:30 am

It certainly is not BDL in Ct nasty cops not much traffic few heavies
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RE: Best US Airports For Spotting

Mon Aug 28, 2000 10:36 am

Why are the Hartford police so up in arms over spotters anyway?
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RE: Best US Airports For Spotting

Mon Aug 28, 2000 11:42 am

Atlanta Hartsfield concourse E is one of the best.
You ought to get there around noon time and stay
till about 4:30 EST.
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Air Canada is at different concourse, they now sent
A319/320/Canadair RJ
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RE: Advancedkid

Mon Aug 28, 2000 12:29 pm


No more SR 747s.

BWI and DCA two excelent airports in US!!!
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RE: Best US Airports For Spotting

Mon Aug 28, 2000 8:35 pm

LaGuardia can be good if 31 is being used for arrivals. You can sit at the gas station (I think it's a Mobile) on the Grand Central Pkwy. Not too many heavies, but major frequency.
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RE: BWI/DCA For Spotting?

Mon Aug 28, 2000 8:46 pm

What are the best spots and times at these airports for spotting?
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Mon Aug 28, 2000 8:49 pm

There is only one good area at Bradley outside the terminals, on the south end of the property.

Don't know why it's so un-user friendly. As far as traffic, well, it's not a hub, but it is in the top 40 airports in the country. You'll see all U.S. majors except Alaska and ATA.
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