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LTN/MAN-Tel Aviv Flights To Continue For Summer 08

Thu Dec 20, 2007 1:13 pm

There had been speculation that the new ThomsonFly scheduled routes between the UK and Tel Aviv would be discontinued from the end of the winter season as ThomsonFly seemed to be very slow in releasing the schedule for this routes, compared to other routes flying next summer. They had also been heavily promoting the flights with heavily discounted tickets and offering free internal flights to Eilat, suggesting the route was not going that well...

However, ThomsonFly have today released to the schedule for Summer 08 and will continue to operate the route three times weekly to Tel Aviv from London-Luton and Manchester.


Sun, Tues & Thurs
LTN - 13.15 -----> TLV - 19.55
TLV - 20.55 -----> LTN - 23.55

Sun, Tues & Thurs
MAN - 13.20 -----> TLV - 20.20
TLV - 21.20 -----> MAN - 00.50

The route has been operated with a mix of 737-800's and 757-200's, so would assume this to continue like that...

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