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AF-KLM Spinetta On Present And Future Vision

Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:40 pm

Found this article on the Flight global site, excerpt from Airline Business.
Quite a lot of info on the airline policy, particularly on mergers, joint ventures...etc...
On Alitalia :..."etta is crystal clear though about the conditions that he needs to make any such deal work. "I will never recommend to my board to move on a deal if it will destroy value but is a defensive move. On Alitalia, for example, [the deal] in itself has to prove it will create value. You have got to move for solid positive reasons and not only to avoid the risk of a competitor. If a deal will destroy value it will be a problem for your competitor and they will find themselves in the same situation.""...
On Qantas and Asia :..." "I am very impressed by the strategy of Qantas. It is still an Australian company but is becoming more and more an Asian company investing in developing operations out of every Asian airport. I think the future for all of us is in this direction - not only in Asia. We have to anticipate how to work in a fully liberalised environment.
Follows a long description of the AF / KL merger :..."Deliberately keeping the airlines separate not only enabled each to transfer best practices between them, but to satisfy Dutch political and labour sensibilities to retain the KLM brand and identity, at least for the foreseeable future. Not taking full control of KLM was a price Air France was more than willing to pay to make the deal happen. "A merger comes to disaster when you take the worst practices of the other," says Spinetta. "Until now only the best practices have been copied by Air France and KLM, which helps explain our success.""...
The article can be found by those interested HERE

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