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Delta-flot Scheme Observations...

Mon Aug 28, 2000 3:42 pm

Last Wednesday and Thursday I had the great oppurtunity to pass thru Dulles, Chicago O'Hare and Denver International. At each airport I saw at least one (three at ORD) Delta-flot planes. It seems that their fleet is being painted into those colors quite quickly....much more so than repainting into the "Landor" colors. Again at work tonight (New Orleans/Sunday night) I saw no less than three 757's pass thru bearing the latest paint.

Does my observations match that of other spotters, ie...are we seeing alot of Delta-flot planes for having just been unveiled recently?

Mark from UAL @ MSY
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RE: Delta-flot Scheme Observations...

Mon Aug 28, 2000 8:16 pm

I saw 2 DL 757s at Washington National yesterday, and I take back every pejorative I've said about the new colors. They looked awesome when seen in person !
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