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Electronic Ticket

Thu Aug 31, 2000 1:11 am

I have often bought airline tickets online - as long as that facility has been available. And always two days later an absolutely normal ticket was found in my snail-mail box.
Yesterday I bought online at for the first time. The confirmation display said: "Delivery: Electronic Ticket".
Does anybody know exactly what that means? Does it for instance mean that I simply walk up to the check-in counter with my passport and my booking code from my confirmation e-mail and say "hey, here I am"?
I need to know no later than 8th September. Or I may miss a well deserved holiday week in the Alps.
Best regards, Preben Norholm
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RE: Electronic Ticket

Thu Aug 31, 2000 1:18 am

When booking online, you usually get the choice of a paper ticket by mail or an e-ticket. Whenever possible, I travel by e-ticket. On Air Canada, when I check-in, I tell them I have an e-ticket, give them my Confirmation Code and some form of photo ID plus the credit card I used to pay for my flight. I've also used electronic check-in where I insert my AeroPlan card in the machine and it confirms my reservation and produces my boarding pass.
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RE: Electronic Ticket

Thu Aug 31, 2000 1:28 am

This is from the swissair website:

With electronic ticketing, flying couldn't be easier

Book your seat(s) on the Swissair website, through a Swissair call centre or travel office and choose electronic ticketing
Eletronic tickets issued via the Swissair website are confirmed by e-mail, fax or regular mail.
At the airport, go directly to the check-in counter, identify yourself (with a Qualiflyer card, credit card, ID or passport) and receive your boarding card
Or even faster, at one of our self-service machines at the airports of Basel, Brussels, Geneva, London-Heathrow and Zurich. You can even check-in with up to one piece of registered baggage (except in Basel and London). In any case, your Qualiflyer- or personal credit card is needed for identification.
You can also rebook flights and have your e>ticket changed via telephone.

And if you are a Travelclub member you can also just walk thru a gate and you are automatically checked in. I saw this thing in Zurich.


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RE: Electronic Ticket

Thu Aug 31, 2000 1:28 am

We frequently buy electronic tickets online at

We usually get an email with our confirmation code and seat assignments.
3-4 weeks later (if the trip is long time away) we receive a "Ticket By Mail", all that is is a passenger recipt and itinerary. We go to the airport and give them the itinerary and presto! were ready to go.

Sorry about the spelling.
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RE: Electronic Ticket

Thu Aug 31, 2000 1:41 am

I've flown many times on Southwest with an e-ticket, and all I do is show my driver license at the gate. They look up the reservation/ticket by my name and hand me the boarding card.

Continental's great with their e-ticket machines, too. If you have an e-ticket, you insert a credit card (to establish identity), the computer looks up your reservation, you can sleect your seat, and print your own boarding pass. You can check baggage, too, but that does require one of their humans to assist.  

RE: Electronic Ticket

Thu Aug 31, 2000 2:11 am

I've been traveling with E-Ticket since 1995 that's when it about became available.

Yes you do show up with your passport and an ID card. You will be checked in without having to have a physical paper ticket.

Hope that helps.
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RE: Thanks A Lot

Thu Aug 31, 2000 2:16 am

Thanks a lot for your help.
I must always have been too busy when ordering online. I simply never noticed that the web offered a choise between ordinary ticket and e-ticket, and I never heard about e-tickets before. Of course they are the future. I will probably never see a real ticket again.
Best regards, Preben Norholm
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