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"The Spirit Of Delta"

Thu Aug 31, 2000 5:50 am

Back in August (the 5th to be exact) we flew down to Tampa from Detroit via ATL. Our 757 on the DTW-ATL leg pulled up next to a 767-200 in the normal old old Delta colors. The only difference that I could see was in small red letters, "The Spirit of" and then the normal D E L T A. Any information on this livery is welcome!

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RE: "The Spirit Of Delta"

Thu Aug 31, 2000 5:53 am

This aircraft was I believe Delta's first 767. It was bought way back when with employee pay reductions. Therefore they named it the spirit of Delta because everyone worked together to buy it.
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RE: "The Spirit Of Delta"

Thu Aug 31, 2000 5:55 am

This may also have been the aircraft that was painted in the special 1996 Atlanta Olympics colors.

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RE: "The Spirit Of Delta"

Thu Aug 31, 2000 6:30 am

During the economic recession, Delta employees took a modest paycut to keep the airline in business. The employees then came together with their own funds and had enough to purchase a Boeing 767-232, N102DA, the first Boeing 767 delivered.
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RE: "The Spirit Of Delta"

Thu Aug 31, 2000 8:06 pm

I saw N102DA "The Spirit" yesterday landing at Hartsfield. The paint is looking a little rough though, I hope the "Spirit" isn't "fading" toward retirement!!!
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RE: "The Spirit Of Delta"

Fri Sep 01, 2000 3:21 am

Just two notes. First, N102DA was the 2nd B767-232 purchased by Delta, the first being N101DA. Second, N102DA was the aircraft painted in the Atlanta 1996 Olympic colors. I was surprised that they reapainted it in the "old" colors because the "new" colors had already been introduced.