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CO 777 Service

Thu Aug 31, 2000 7:54 am

How is Continental's 777 service to/from Europe? I may be flying CO from IAH-CDG this December, which is operated by a 777. I would appreciate any comments about CO's 777 service.
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RE: CO 777 Service

Thu Aug 31, 2000 6:41 pm

Continental's 777 service is excellent. Economy class
seating is in a 3-3-3 arrangement, a much better
alternative to UA and AA's 2-5-2. Food is decent,
you get a little amenity kit with eye mask, tooth
brush, and socks. The PTV's are large and very
nice to look at. The cabin is dark blue and deep
grey. The planes are spotless and the engines
on those 777's are extremely powerful.

Continental provides what is probably the best
main cabin service of any US airline flying to

Enjoy your trip and please file a trip report
on your return.