I Had An Airplane Dream!

Fri Sep 01, 2000 4:24 am

This was one of the strangest and best dreams I have had, because it had airplanes and my hometown airport directly involved.
I was at STL's big green terminal looking at planes landing and departing when I looked over at MidCoast Aviation and the FedEx buildings. There was an AC A340-300 in Air Canada colors, but without the red mapleleaf and "Air Canada" markings on the side. I got so happy and told my dad about this,(he was there too) and that I thought that this was the first A340 in STL. Also over by the A340 was a 743 in some new Air Atlanta colors. The colors greatly resembled Carnival Airlines. But I was so excited to see these big jumbos in Lambert. Then the A340 loaded up and taxied to take off. I ran down the C concorse and tried to find a window to watch the plane depart. Unfortunately, I missed the departure. But after that I had a plan. It was to go home and tell all of you on this site. So I am doing what I thought in my sleep right now. Remember, this was all a dream.

Has STL ever had a 744, 777, A330, or A340?? I don't think they have had one!

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RE: I Had An Airplane Dream!

Fri Sep 01, 2000 6:06 am

I had an airplane dream once too... we were in a UAL DC-8-72 and it ran off the runway. We were in the back of coach and got out ok, then i woke up. NO LIE!!
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RE: I Had An Airplane Dream!

Fri Sep 01, 2000 6:19 pm

I had a weird airplane dream once. my local airport, Youngstown, is very small and US Airways Express only flies B1900s into it twice a day, and Northwest AirLink flies Saab 340s into here thats about it, nothing bigger. But I had a dream that we went to the airport and there where Lufthansa, Air Canada, and Korean Air gates that just appeared. Then went onto the obeservation deck and there was a huge Lufthansa 747-400 landing and a ANA B777 sitting on the tarmac next to a US Airways Express ERJ! then I woke up. A day later we went to the airport and there was a Boeing 707 doin go arounds! I was amazed! Maybe my dream will come true!

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RE: I Had An Airplane Dream!

Fri Sep 01, 2000 7:20 pm

I had a nightmare that I was at Hartsfield, standing on the grass in between the 2 south runways. I looked up and noticed that there was a Delta 757 circling very low above, and then all of a sudden it it's engines flamed out! (I guess it was out of fuel) It nosed over into a vertical dive, headed in my general direction!!! I ran like hell as fast as my legs would carry me for about a football field, and then dove for the gound. Upon impact, I remember being showered with dirt, glass and small chunks of metal. I looked up and saw an engine nacelle and main gear bogie fly over my head. When it stopped, I got up to my feet and the sight that greeted me was one of horror. I'll spare you the details. At that point I started looking for survivors, but could find none. I then woke up in a cold sweat!!! It was a horrible dream.

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RE: I Had An Airplane Dream!

Fri Sep 01, 2000 9:47 pm

interesting topic, i dreamt that Air Canada had started a 747-400 combi service to Pakistan, since they dont fly here yet i hope my dream comes true.
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RE: I Had An Airplane Dream!

Fri Sep 01, 2000 11:37 pm

I dreampt I was in a wooded snowy area driving along lit trials and I passed 3 AirTran DC9s being towed to the airport with a message painted on the side of each plane that said "AirTran Welcomes Fort Wayne and (oddly enough) Quad Cities". This happened after I had heard AirTran had visited FWA officials recently. I guess the 3 planes represented 3 daily flights. Wishful thinking I suppose. (I have no idea why I dreampt Quad Cities was on there too! LOL!!!!)
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RE: I Had An Airplane Dream!

Sat Sep 02, 2000 8:54 am

I drempt I was at SAN in a new 737 preparing to T.O..
The craft was heading east in the morning (typical) on the runway. We were at approx. rotation speed when the flight attendent at front screamed.

I had a hunch. I walked quickly to the deck, opened the door and found no one awake.

I just had time to pull on the yoke gently from a standing position--and take us off.

With amazing strength, out of necessity, I removed the captain from his seat and put myself there. Then I reached for the oxygen. I figured vapor in the cockpit put them out after beginning the roll.

I put the wheels up and seat-of-pants flew her around and landed her (squaaking 7700 all the way).

Then I stopped dreaming this.


ps-I feel silly telling you this

RE: I Had An Airplane Dream!

Sat Sep 02, 2000 7:36 pm

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Mine Is Worse

Sat Sep 02, 2000 8:40 pm

I had a really screwed up dream once that I was out at MCO spotting, and for some reason there was another runway that cutting through the 2 18's out there, and off in the distance I could see several a/c coming in. Well the ones I remember were a Virgin 747, Antonov 225 Myra, BA744, and several others were coming out of different directions trying to land at the sametime on that runway. Next thing I know they all collide and burst into a big ball of flames. I remember I started taking pictures of it, and I woke up. Pretty crazy...