Conversion Cost To Ukatpl Or JAA Atpl?

Fri Sep 01, 2000 10:26 am

G'day all...

I'm 19, studying a Bachelor of Aviation at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, I currently have an Aust. CPL and Inst. rating and by Oct. 2001 should have a "frozen" Australian ATPL. I am planning to look for employment in the UK after that.

I posted to another BB about UK job prospects and the cost of converting to a UK license, and was stunned to learn that the estimated conversion cost would be a minimum of AUD$30,000 (+/-15,000 pounds sterling)

My questions are...

1. Why is it so expensive to convert ...surely the hours of training (which make up most of the cost for the initial CPL) aren't needed just for a conversion!!...I am aware of the high standard of the British licence, however, I can't for the life of me see why this should be so expensive !

2. Could I simply travel to the UK, study up on all the variables required for the UK license and then arrange to be tested, if so, any help with a link to follow up further would be great (I’ve been through without success)

3. Given my October 2001 goal for the Aust. ATPL, should I forget about the UK ATPL and concentrate on the JAA conversion? If so, any help with a link to the relevant JAA site and an estimate of those costs would be appreciated.

As you can see, I’m forming medium term plans, but my budget will be blown to bits if those costs are accurate and unavoidable.

I am aware of the cadetships such as British Midlands, but I don't think I should assume my acceptance into one of those programs. Besides from what I've read, it seems that I may even be "overqualified" for those initiatives  

Any help/advice would be most appreciated.