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AA's 777 New & Old

Sat Sep 02, 2000 10:44 pm


I just picked up AA's new timetable (Effective Sept. 6), and I noticed AA has two 777 configurations, one of which features the new Flagship Suite, along with a few other minor differences.

One of the main differences (according to the timetable seat map) of the newer 777's being delivered to AA, is that they have no video monitors mounted throughout the aircraft (down the aisles, and/or at the front of each cabin) as their current fleet has.

Anyone out there been on AA's new 777, featuring the new Flagship Suite, and noticed if indeed there are video monitors and/or screens mounted throught the aircraft ... beside the PVDs.

Please advise. Thank you kindly.

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RE: AA's 777 New & Old

Mon Sep 04, 2000 12:02 am

the ones with out PTV's could be for high density domestic routes, even though AA planned on using the 777's strictly for international flights or direct-international flights.
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