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NW Nashville-Knoxville

Sun Sep 03, 2000 1:06 am

Why would Northwest operate this route when they have no hub in either city?
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RE: NW Nashville-Knoxville

Sun Sep 03, 2000 7:58 am

I used be live in Tennessee. It is long drive to between those cities. They need to trip both cities. Why shouldn't use by hubs Southwest? Southwest doesn't serve Knoxville. Why you should fly to Atlanta to connect to Nashville and waste of time and cost too much for business trip? That's good for Northwest operates both cities. But Northwest's hub is Memphis they are still flying between Knoxville & Memphis one stop via Nashville. No problem.

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RE: NW Nashville-Knoxville

Sun Sep 03, 2000 12:58 pm

I would venture a guess and say that since Nashville is pretty much on the way to Memphis from Knoxville, and Nashville is the state capital, and there's probably not many (if any) other flights between BNA and TYS, and there's a fair amount of business/government employees traveling b/t the two cities........get the point?