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Hong Kong - Kai Tak

Sun Sep 03, 2000 6:35 pm

This might sound a little silly and a bit emabarrassing to be asking (as I should really know!), but since Kai Tak has been closed, is it at all being used even for military puposes or has it been completely destroyed by the bulldozers ?

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RE: Hong Kong - Kai Tak

Sun Sep 03, 2000 6:46 pm

The passenger terminal is now used as a office of serveral government departments, a shopping arcade with a car shop and a bowling court. Some area of the tarmac is now used as a flee market. The end of the runway is now a golf court, which is adjacent to the carpark on the eastern tarmac.
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RE: Hong Kong - Kai Tak

Sun Sep 03, 2000 11:21 pm

Actually..... A very good question!
It would interesting if someone would be willing to take pictures of what Kai Tak looks like now, and in the future. For those of us that probably won't ever get back there! A pictorial evolution of the airport.
It might be interesting to put together a pictorial evolution on as many airports as possible. I’m going to post this in the other forum as well… What does everyone think? To ambitious?

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RE: Hong Kong - Kai Tak

Mon Sep 04, 2000 8:16 am

Due to the disagreement from the general public about the HKSAR Government's redevelopment plans, progress has been pretty slow. The terminal building's still intact and untouched externally and much of the runway still exists. (except that golf course at the end of rwy13) The parking area of the planes have been dug up though. the height restrictions for surrounding buildings doesn't exist anymore so tall buildings are appearing in the area like mushrooms!
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RE: Hong Kong - Kai Tak

Mon Sep 04, 2000 9:19 am

On the other hand, most of the other buildings on the Kai Tak premises have been torn down. They include the HAECO hangars and workshops, the former Cathay Pacific office tower, the interline baggage handling facilities, the fuel farm, the catering center, and parts of the cargo terminal.

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RE: Hong Kong - Kai Tak

Mon Sep 04, 2000 3:59 pm

The runway lights are still being turned on at night. I can see it a little way from my home. Very beautiful indeed.