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Aer Lingus Fleet News

Sun Sep 03, 2000 8:09 pm

Hi all

Just a quick note to keep anybody interested in EI's fleet details up todate.

According to the pilot sources I have been talking to, EI is looking closely at handing back the first 3 A330-300's when their leases come up for renewal next year and taking the higher gross weight version known as the A330-300X. The reason is because EI must install PTV's in all classes in the A330's to comply with ONEWORLD alliance regulations. However the hold up is the current A330-300 used for the DUB-ORD route. The equipment needed onboard the aircraft to work the PTV's adds serious weight to the aircraft and would result in EI incurring severe payload restrictions on the DUB-ORD route in order to have enough fuel for the flight.
It seems so far that only one A330-200 has been ordered for next year, despite news of a second aircraft due next autumn, and the EI commuter aircraft situation is unknown to everybody??
Will the Bae146's stay or go? well even the EI board haven't fully decided.

Finally, flew on the new A320 recently, lovely plane, if your interested, rows 11 and 12 are the emergency exits, with tons of leg room, so if you know your on the A320 and you need a bit of room, ask for these seats.

Feel free to add an info. that you have heard,

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RE: Aer Lingus Fleet News

Mon Sep 04, 2000 2:21 am

Hi there, I asked a friend in EI about this some time ago and he was fairly non committal about it; you're quite right about ORD, as it is a fairly long stretch for the 330-300 and it is about bloody time they got their heads around seatback videos. After all, as a small airline, they should be leading the way in passenger service innovations, not being (or giving the impression of being) led along by the bigger players.

As for the 146s, be in no doubt . . . they are out! The airline will be getting rid of them once it has sufficient European capacity to replace 734/735 s with A32Xs.