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Tired of 757 Transcon?

Mon Mar 08, 1999 4:20 am

Are you tired of flying 757's on Transcon flights?
Would you rather have a schedule like this if you're a business traveler:(or leisure)
7:00a> 11:30a BOTH ON A 747-400(200)
9:00a> 4:00p or A 777
11:00a> ALL 757-200


RE: Tired of 757 Transcon?

Mon Mar 08, 1999 4:52 am

do the 747!!! i'd hate the thought of flying for 5 hours on a 757, i can't believe they fly to hawaii with them too!! for flights like that they ought to be at least a 767...Hell i even flew on an AA 767 from San Diego to LAX...a whole 20 minutes it took!

RE: 737NG

Mon Mar 08, 1999 6:00 am

The 757 isn't that bad now that airlines are starting to use the 737NG on transcon flights. I will be going from EWR to SEA in a few weeks on Continental and I will be flying a 737-800 on the 6 hour flight. There is not a single wide body that flies the New York-Seattle route, just 757 with CO and DL, 737-800 with CO, and A320 with UA.

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RE: Tired of 757 Transcon? - NO!

Mon Mar 08, 1999 9:00 am

I'm not tired of the 757 or, as far as that goes, the A320/319 transcon. Sure a 767 or 777 would be more comfortable, but, since the airlines use the smaller planes, they offer more flights which gives me more flexibility.

The airlines and the market have opted for more flights with smaller jets. I'd prefer the 757/A320 with six flights a day to choose from than a widebody that flies only once or twice a day.
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RE: 737NG

Tue Mar 09, 1999 4:50 am

Accepting that the 757/A320 mix is a thing of the present and future, I'd take an A320/A319 any day over a 757. For the coach passenger, the 757 is a torture chamber as far as I'm concerned.
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RE: Tired of 757 Transcon? - NO!

Wed Mar 10, 1999 2:17 am

I wouldn't have a problem with the 757 transcan, except that for years AA used DC-10's and 767's to fly SAN-JFK, and I became quite fond of the bigger planes with 3 class service. Now I try to schedule transcons through LAX to get the bigger planes. About 757's allowing greater frequency than 767's, AA's 757's have 188 seats, while their 767-200's have 185.