Air Transat

Mon Sep 04, 2000 8:39 pm

Can anyone please give me some info on Air Transat. Is it linked to Airtran?


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RE: Air Transat

Mon Sep 04, 2000 8:45 pm

Air Transat is not in any way linked to AirTran. It is a Canadian charter operation that is based in Montreal. They have a fleet of various L-1011, 757 and A-330 for domestic and international flights.

RE: Air Transat

Mon Sep 04, 2000 8:46 pm

Not at all.
TS is owned by Groupe Transat AT based in Montreal. It started as a charter airline but they later decided to follow the vertical integration path: they now own travel agencies and tour operators. They also own a stake (49%?) of Paris-based Star airlines.
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RE: Air Transat

Tue Sep 05, 2000 12:55 am

Is it true that with the AC/CP integration, that Air Transat is going to follow the example of Royal Airlines and become a full fledged scheduled carrier?

I think that they would do a good job. I flew them once in 1998 from YVR-YYZ and was impressed with the service, very comparable with what you would receive on AC or CP, but with a much. much cheaper fare.

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RE: Air Transat

Tue Sep 05, 2000 2:05 am

Transat isn't headed toward the scheduled operations market. They are keeping with their charter focus, and their executives have recently been quite plain in stating this. Canada3000 and Royal, as well as a new division of Skyservice to be called RootsAir are examples of charters going scheduled, but Transat hasn't shown any moves towards the daily scheduled market.
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RE: Air Transat

Tue Sep 05, 2000 1:27 pm

Dont Air Transat operate scheduled services to some UK airports but only once or twice a week except for MAN and LGW? , which recieve near daily services from airports in Canada.
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RE: Air Transat

Tue Sep 05, 2000 3:32 pm

...and Air Transat is the 10th largest Charter operator in the world.

That´s interesting: From the 10 largest charter airlines of our world most are European (especially German and British), 2 are from Canada. Condor is the largest charter airline.
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RE: Air Transat

Sat Sep 09, 2000 5:29 am

I would be intered to know what is the top 10 chater list in the world
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RE: Air Transat

Sat Sep 09, 2000 7:10 am

Top 10 charter airlines:

As to Air Transat's scheduled services: technically they do offer some scheduled flights, at least in name, but because of the way they are a subsidiary of a travel company, their distribution network through their in-house tour companies and travel agencies is effectively a charter-type operation. For all intents and purposes the designation of scheduled carrier on some routes means very little, as TS operates in a very charter-type focus in many ways. This is great for them, as they're very successful at this... but it's not like Canada3000 which is going towards more scheduled type operations all the time.

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