Impulse (australian) Timetable Reliability

Mon Sep 04, 2000 9:49 pm

how reliable is impulse's timetable, eg - do many ac leave late.
I'm asking because i'll be flying to canberra at the end of the month (or maybe next month, i can't remember) and i'm thinking of doing melbourne-sydney-canberra (and back), for a number of reasons.
1.possibly cheaper
2.more legs = more fun  
3.get to go on the new 717
4.hang out at sydney and do some spotting get the idea...
Yeah, well i don't want to miss any flights because hopefully i'll be getting the web hot(?) bookings.

i'm also planning on seeing if i can get a ride in the jumpseat, preferably on the approach to sydney. i noticed a few photos by craig(?) from an impulse jumpseat... any advice on getting a go in it?


RE: Impulse (australian) Timetable Reliability

Tue Sep 05, 2000 4:30 am

I don't think that Impulse fly the 717 to Canberra. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong... I also don't think you will get the "web hot" ticket prices anymore either, they were sold out within 48 hours of their announcement.


RE: Impulse (australian) Timetable Reliability

Tue Sep 05, 2000 10:17 am


You are right; VQ doesn't fly the 717 to CBR, but he will get to fly their 717 on MEL-SYD-MEL, and on the SYD-CBR-SYD flight he will be on one of their Beech 1900s.

BTW, where are the photos of the Knights Beech 1900 from your recent trip to Cooma?


RE: Impulse (australian) Timetable Reliability

Tue Sep 05, 2000 12:20 pm

hmmm, beech 1900, thats ok, the more different planes the merrier.

i'm counting on the fact that they'll release more webhot fares, as the current ones are only available if your leaving before 8th september or something, and i think there are some left, i went through the booking process to see how much it would cost if i left tomorrow and there were some listed. i assume this means i would've gotten one.

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RE: Impulse (australian) Timetable Reliability

Tue Sep 05, 2000 2:36 pm

Last time I checked there were web hot airfares up until 8 October 2000. Cheapest I could find was $66.00 one way. You have to be quick for those $33.00 and $48.00 virgin fares. Majority of flights were priced around the $80.00 - $120.00 mark for the olympics. There was an written interview of Gerry McGowan from Impulse in the September issue of Australian Aviation. said that they were doing rather well. Costs were down and that load factors were about what they were expecting. I think the 717 was not flying to Canberra but will be from next year as they are planning a mainetance base there.Booked myself a flight on Impulse to spend a couple of days in Sydney for the olympics. Will be flying home Virgin to compare.

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