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Pick For Me (Help Me)

Mon Mar 08, 1999 6:20 am

I will be flying to Seattle on April 9th to the 18th. I am trying decided if I should fly from LAX or SNA. I am for sure flying by United Airlines. If I fly from LAX it is a non-stop flight. To Seattle I will be flying on a Boeing 757-200 and coming back I will be flying on a 737-300.
Then if I fly from Orange County (SNA) I will have to stop in San Francisco for about an hour and 15 minutes. I will fly on a Boeing 757-200 to San Francisco then a 737-300 to Seattle and same thing on the way back.The price difference between the two flights aren't that much.

What should I do fly from LAX to Seattle non-stop or fly to Seattle from Orange County with a connection in San Francisco.

Farhan Ali. Newport Beach, California
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RE: Pick For Me (Help Me)

Mon Mar 08, 1999 7:07 am

If I were you I would try to avoid a connection in SFO. SFO is my homebase, so I fly in and out quite frequently. I have found that Shuttle flights (such as flights to SEA) are delayed more often than they are ontime, due to weather. Connecting in SFO will most probably not be an easy feat.
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RE: Pick For Me (Help Me)

Mon Mar 08, 1999 7:31 am

I agree with AvroRJ, avoid SFO at all costs. The weather there has a tendancy to muck up the entire Shuttle by United system. Take the nonstop from LAX.
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RE: Pick For Me (Help Me)

Mon Mar 08, 1999 8:52 am

I'd always opt for the non-stop, however, if you want to make a connecting flight to fly on more aircraft, why not consider connecting through United's hub in Denver. At the new airport, there are very few delays. It would take five hours instead of the usual three to go that route.

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