SAA 737-800 Deliveries

Wed Sep 06, 2000 1:01 pm

I saw mention in the "boeing loosing R & D edge" article, of the recent purchase of the 737-800 by SAA. With reference, I would just like to mention that the pace at which the airliners were delivered was largely due to the fact that 10 737-800's were purchased from GATX flightlease... a subsidiary of SAirgroup. We all know that SAirgroup recently acquired 20% of SAA. Apparently GATX had 12 737-800's in stock for close on 2 years, they couldn't find buyers for. SAirgroup saw SAA as a scapegoat for the "release" of these aircraft, SAirgroup recommending they take up 10 of those. SAA already had 7 A320-231's as well as a flightsim. Flip side of the coin: AI couldn't deliver more A320's in time. I still think the whole DEAL was a tad dubious, but the result... the 737-800 is not a bad buy.
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RE: SAA 737-800 Deliveries

Wed Sep 06, 2000 2:11 pm

For SAA the Boeing 737-800 is just perfect (with extended range). They can they fly nonstop to their west african destinations (Accra, Abidjan,..) with a smaller aircraft. That gives morn frequencies and this is what they want.