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New 3 Engines Aircraft

Thu Sep 07, 2000 9:06 am

Do you think it is possible that either boeing or airbus start prducing new 3 engines airplanes? I will really miss them!!!!! In 15 years the number of these aircrafts flying will be almost none. That´s too bad!!!!

RE: New 3 Engines Aircraft

Thu Sep 07, 2000 9:39 am

The next three engine commercial aircraft will be a BWB (Blended-Wing Body).
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RE: New 3 Engines Aircraft

Thu Sep 07, 2000 1:47 pm

15 years?
In just 2-3 years time 3 engined planes will be very very rare birds as passenger carriers. MD-10s and MD-11s will carry on as cargo planes into an unknown future.
To know why they disappear you must realise why they were built. They were built in a time when twins were not allowed to fly any substantial distances over water. Today ETOPS twins cross all oceans.
No really new tri-jet has been designed during the last 30 years, and it will never happen again. The blended wing-fuselage design will not happen as commercial transport because such a design will have too narrow balance limits for practical use. The B-2 bomber plane will be the only example, until this planet comes to sense and bomber planes goes completely out of fashion.
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RE: New 3 Engines Aircraft

Thu Sep 07, 2000 4:56 pm

The 767 could be modified with 3 engines with the L-1011's tail would be a good choice.
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RE: New 3 Engines Aircraft

Thu Sep 07, 2000 5:44 pm

I guess triple-powered jets will be withdrawn from passenger service within this decade, but...
have an eye on Russia and the formely soviet states,
the TU-154 I guess will still be in service within the next
10 maybe 15 years (but mainly within Russia and
neighboring states), because not a Boeing jet neither
an Airbus jet is designed to serve these (poor)
far - away russian airstripes ; the Tu-154 's gear
is designed so, and: to serve these poor Russian
airstripes you MUST have a jet with "engine's up"
to make sure that whirled up rocks and dirt will
not cause any engine trouble.

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RE: New 3 Engines Aircraft

Thu Sep 07, 2000 8:35 pm

Is ETOPS the only reason new 3 engines aircraft not to appear? Then there would be no new quads either. I think there are some other (probably technical) reasons not to build new 3-jets. As far as I didn't hear of them I believe a new 3-jet can be theoretically designed in future - say, something between twin 777 and quad A3XX.

... Not only Tu154 will be in passenger service in the former USSR within next 10-15 years but also Yak40 and Yak42 - the newest of them. About Tu154 designed to serve poor airstrips: about 15 years ago one landed on non-concrete strip covered by snow which was so thick that no car could get to the aircraft to take the passengers!
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RE: New 3 Engines Aircraft

Thu Sep 07, 2000 11:23 pm

"Too narrow balance limits for practical use"??

Just b/c an aircraft doesn't have a tail does not mean its CG range is narrow.

Boeing is designing the blended wing body as a commerical transport; acceptable CG range is intrinsic to the design.