Air France And Alitalia Closer?

Thu Sep 07, 2000 2:06 pm

Any insight on the news that Air France and Alitalia are trying again to get closer (Air France would buy some Alitalia shares)...According to Alitalia, they try to get an alliance with someone, AF or SR, AF being the preferred option...AF is also very interested in getting a hub in the mediterranean area, therefore Alitalia and Milan-Malpensa....

Sounds interesting and a good reaction if eventually the BA-KLM merger takes place...Although AF and AZ don't quite have the same fleet type...

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RE: Air France And Alitalia Closer?

Thu Sep 07, 2000 2:39 pm

i would be very happy if Air France and my flag carrier would join.
The first step would be the joining of Alitalia in the SkyTeam Alliance and then a possible shares exchange between AF and AZ.
I don't think their fleets are so different: both AF and AZ have a huge Airbus A320s family ( Alitalia has to choose between the A318 and the B717 for the new 100 seater but having already 19 A320 and 23 A321....);
AZ is thought to be in talk with boeing for a possible 777 order thus gaining a bit of commonality with AF long haul fleet.
Talking about hubs Milan Malpensa and Paris CDG are sufficently separated to avoid competition but I think Alitalia would better have to increase its presence at Rome rather than continuing losing money in Milan.