The last 5 feet

Mon Mar 08, 1999 10:15 am

Well as most of you know I am preparing to solo soon. I can fly the plane great. My take off's are smooth and gentle my climbs at 67 and maintain heading great. I can shoot approaches so well. But when I have just pulled my power backand started to get my nose up I float I am great at correcting my floating and normally pull of a nice landing on center line and not that hard for floating. According to my instructor I flare too quick. I have managed to slow down but I still tend to float a bit. I have thought of using my trim wheel and just give it a tiny but of up trim to raise my nose consistantly but I want to be able to do it manually. Is there any hints?
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RE: The last 5 feet

Mon Mar 08, 1999 12:22 pm

I don't know if you fly a high or low wing type, but back in my days of flying I also knew someone doing that, and some planes aren't that foregiving. It is probably that the plane is tricky to fly, or that you come in trying to grease the plane every time. If that's the case don't. You'll always flare at too high an altitude or you descned too fast and in your eagerness to grease you pull your nose too high.
Just try flying the plane to the ground. Once you get the hang of the plane, you'll be able to grease it with ease. I used to train in an arrow and that plane is also very tricky. Because it's a low wing. If you chop off power at the wrong time, you'll end up bending your wings down hehe.
Remember I never saw you fly so your instructor knows best.........C ya.

RE: I am sorry to say....

Mon Mar 08, 1999 4:00 pm

Well I am flying a cessna 152. My instructor says I start my flare on time. I pull my nose level and pull the power to idle very well but when we are going nose high I seem to do that part too quick I am pretty good at keeping the plane flying in the right direction and really good at getting the plane on the center of the runway. But I bring my nose up to quick. I think this is due to the fact that a buddy of mines daughter bounced down the runway on her nose wheel and she was fine bit does not fly any more. I have a slightly longer lesson and we should pull of 20 landings so I should have it down by then. I know what I am ment to do I just get excited and pull up really quick. I am reading every article I can get my hands on about this so I am getting a lot of little hints. But it I can imagen it all I want by I will not know how much it will help till I strap into that plane and go. I am sure I will get it soon!!
Thanks for your help!