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Eastwind 507

Fri Sep 08, 2000 5:33 pm

Does anyone know what the light "like a landing light" was, which was seen by the crew of Eastwind 507 just before TWA800 exploded.
Please no conspiracy theories.
Has there been an official explanation of this?
What airline would Eastwind be?

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RE: Eastwind 507

Sat Sep 09, 2000 12:07 am

Eastwind is a fialed-low-fare operator that few two 737-200 and two 737-700 aircraft between, GOS-Trenton, GSO-LGA, LGA-BOS, GSO-MCO, BOS-PHL, BOS-PIT and PIT-PHL. they were the passengers nightmare, with bad ontime performance and rude employees...they lost 29 million since they started flying, in 1995 i think. They filed bankruptcy, and wihtout a buyer were shut-down in 1998.(or was it 1999??)
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