Used B777 And A330/40´s.

Sat Sep 09, 2000 12:32 am

Are there already B777´s and A330/40`s in duty by airlines which got those types used ?
And do you think that these planes will have a similar life-span like DC10´s, B747-1/200`s, DC9`s, A300`s, etc ?
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RE: Used B777 And A330/40´s.

Sat Sep 09, 2000 12:36 am

Well, as far as I know, many A342's were bought up by airlines and then sold.
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RE: Used B777 And A330/40´s.

Sat Sep 09, 2000 1:05 am

Last winter, when SU had their 777s parked at SVO, some were wondering if these would be the first second-hand 777s on the market. Now it looks like the ones of Air Europe will be the first to find a new operator.

As for their life-span, it is mostly determined by the ability of the airplane to make money for the airline. The 777 looks like it will be able to do that for quite some time. At least as long as the -10s. The life-span of the A332 will come close to that too.
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RE: Used B777 And A330/40´s.

Thu Sep 14, 2000 7:16 pm

Used Airbus A330/A340.

AOM 2x A340-200 ex Air France.
Air Tahiti Nui 1x A340-200 ex Air France.
Sabena 3x A330-300 ex Air Inter & 1x A330-300 ex
Aer Lingus 2x A330-300 ex Air Inter.
Aerolineas Argentinas 4x A340-200 ex Philippines.
Air Transat 1x A330-300 ex Dragonair.
Skyservice 1x A330-300 ex LTU.



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Emirates To Be The First Airline To Sell 777s

Fri Sep 15, 2000 5:08 am


Emirates Airlines should be among the first airline to sell their 777-200As a second hand.
They have planned to replace their non-ERs aircraft with -200LRs, and possibly the rest of the fleet (-200ERs and -300s with respectively -200LRs and -300LRs).

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