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Manuals, OPS or whatever....

Mon Mar 08, 1999 5:35 pm

Im still looking for manuals, ops or whatever....


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RE: Manuals, OPS or whatever....

Mon Mar 08, 1999 7:23 pm

Every once in a while, an airliner's ops manual will come up for sale on, an internet auction site. But it'll cost you. They usually sell for about $30-$50 and up.
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RE: Manuals, OPS or whatever....

Tue Mar 09, 1999 4:45 am

Sorry it has taken me so long to return a reply I wanted to get some addresses so that you could look up some of these places. Be advised that most of today airlines view their manuals and the contents as trade secrets so they don't release them to the public. But there are places that you can look to get a hold of the ops and flight manuals that are either older or from companies that have flown off into the sunset. The other thing to keep in mind is that most airlines and manufactures now copyright their manuals so they can't be reprinted. All original equiptment manufactures will general sell you a manual for their airplanes. I think the cost we got quoted for a Piper Warrier was about twenty dollars but Gulfstream wanted about 1250 dollars for a copy of the manual for a G-1. General the price of the manual is proportional to the cost of the airplane.

There are a couple of companies out there that will sell reprints of old manual both civilian and military. You may want to get a hold of a Trade-A-Plane paper/magazine and see if there are any listed. I don't know if they have a web site. But below I list a bunch of sites ranging from For Sale/Wanted Boards to booksellers who may carry manuals for some of todays light planes. I hope this helps. may be the best site for what you are looking for.

Boeing also has a great techdata site for ground handling it's aircraft at

I hope this infor helps. I appologise for takeing so long to get back to you