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Egypt Air

Sun Sep 10, 2000 3:06 pm

Hi Aviation Fans!
I just booked a CHEAP fare from Sydney, Australia, to London Heathrow, via Singapore and Cairo. The only problem is that the carrier is Egyptair, the equipment an A340-200 & 777-200. The other downfall is there is a 2 day unoptional stopover in Cairo. I was just wondering, is the CHEAP fare ($1620 AUD) worth all the extra hassles??? Is the airline and its service ok? Or should I cancel my booking and book with someone better like Qantas, BA, or Emirates?
Any feedback would be great!!

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RE: Egypt Air

Sun Sep 10, 2000 3:38 pm

I have not personally flown with Egypt air, but I have heard of others who have and think they are pretty good. I myself would fly with them without hesitation.
I'd also go with Emirates again they are a very good airline. I myself am taking the same trip, but using Thai to Bangkok and Kuwait Airways to Europe, ironically also on a 777 and an A340! I was told another cheap way was with Japan airlines, with a compulsory one night stay in Tokyo. However that's for Amsterdam and not London.

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