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Americans' MD-90s

Sun Sep 10, 2000 11:55 pm

Last weekend I flew an AA MD-90 from LAX to SFO. I know that this type was acquired in the Reno Air merger and I believe still serve their original Reno routes. The interior room seemed vastly superior to AAs' "Super 80s". My question: Why doesn't AA use the MD-90s on other routes besides the West coast? Do these aircraft carry more pax than the MD-80s and have greater range and power?

RE: Americans' MD-90s

Mon Sep 11, 2000 3:03 am

American has sold the 90's back to Boeing as part of the deal to aquire more 757's. The extra parts and added inventory to not match well with the 80's that American flys. I believe that allmost all of the Reno Air planes will be returned to the leasees or sold in the next year.