Mon Sep 11, 2000 4:23 am

It's kind of "scary" to see that B737 now haves -900 series that seats 189. Will Boeing keep developing 737? And will the newest one called B737-1000?
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RE: B737-1000?

Mon Sep 11, 2000 4:35 am

My guess is that when it is time for a new single isle family, it will probably be a complete redesign (new fuselage etc.) and might be called 787 or 797 or something like that. Just like they dropped the 727. But then again, 737 is known around the world as the 737 so who knows what boeing would do.
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RE: B737-1000?

Mon Sep 11, 2000 12:06 pm

I don't know, but a 737-1000 would be a 757-200...? If Boeing were to make a new single aisle family, I'd love to see a tri-jet again. A 727NG...that would rock!


RE: B737-1000?

Mon Sep 11, 2000 4:22 pm

How about a 757-100 to fill the gap?

RE: B737-1000?

Mon Sep 11, 2000 7:15 pm

A B757-100 would carry roughly as many as the B737-900 does now. The fleets would be redundant. I expect we might see a B737-900ER with the B752's range and the Advanced CFM56 engine being developed for the A340-300ADV, but I believe the next step in Boeing narrowbodies (in 10-15 years, when the B737NG starts to show its age) will be a re-winged B757 designed specifically for short-hauls, plus new B757 variants to replace the B737 on Boeing's product line entirely, and standardize Boeing's narrowbody line on a single type.
As per the trijet comment, the era of trijets is over. I doubt if any airlines out there would still consider buying a 3-engined airliner for a job that a 2-engined airliner (with lower operating costs) can do.
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RE: B737-1000?

Mon Sep 11, 2000 7:26 pm

By the time the current "Next Generation" 737 is ready for redevelopment, and Boeing will need to work on the next "Next Generation" 737. It's a development lifecycle that you see in software development, too.

Do I think Boeing will continue to develop and produce the 737? Absolutely. Why? One word: Southwest. As long as Boeing makes the 737, Southwest will fly them. But I think more accurately, as long as Southwest flies them, Boeing will make the 737.
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RE: B737-1000?

Mon Sep 11, 2000 7:55 pm

Actually, I've got to say that I doubt Boeing will ever make the 737-1000, or the 757-100, for that matter.
According to what I've been hearing, when the 737NG airplanes begin to show their age, Boeing is going to come up with an all-new design that will not only replace the 737, but also the 757. Because it is way too early, nothing is really available about this aircraft, but strong speculation has it that it will incorporate the fuselage of the late 7J7. In case you never heard of it, this aircraft was to have a fuselage that was kind of a "twin-aisle narrowbody" aircraft. Economy configuration would be 2-2-2.

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RE: B737-1000?

Mon Sep 11, 2000 9:17 pm

Who's to say a 737-1000 would be bigger than the 737-900? If it is indeed a new NG after the current NG 737s become classics, it doesn't have to be bigger. The higher the series number does not necessarily mean the larger the capacity. Look at the 737-500, which is smaller than the 737-400, but the 737-500 is larger than the 737-600. The series number is irrelevant regarding size.
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RE: B737-1000?

Tue Sep 12, 2000 5:37 am

You never know...a 737-1000 may have new engines, great range, ETOPS certified, and totaly re-designed, in most other aspects. It may only seat 100 never know