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National Airines (Sun King) Reminencses

Tue Sep 12, 2000 5:33 am

I was just thinking about old airlines that I miss, and I always leave out old National Airlines, the airline with the orginal Sun King on the tail.

My only flights on National was a DC-10 redeye from LAX-MIA to go on a cruise. The thing I remember most was sitting by a window seat near the back, and there was a big fat lady (my apologies) in the aisle seat next to me. Needless to say, she fell fast asleep, and stayed that way during the whole trip, I could never get out of my seat.

I know they had a hub in MIA, and that the majority of their routes were in the southeast, and along the gulf coast. Anybody recall what kind of service they had at MSY before the PA merger? I've seen some of our archived pictures, but our history books are kind of lacking.

If anyone has access to National schedules from the late 70's to the early 80's, feel free to comment.

Also, if anyone has any National memories (good or bad), let's hear 'em.

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RE: National Airines (Sun King) Reminencses

Tue Sep 12, 2000 5:44 am

From MSY they went to most of Florida and also California, Houston, and Las Vegas. I found this in former timetables. I believe they went to Amsterdam on the weekends from MSY.
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RE: National Airines (Sun King) Reminencses

Tue Sep 12, 2000 10:05 am

I remember flying them once to New Orleans from LAX on a DC10 in 1977 with my parents! (still have the boarding pass!) There was a great pictorial article in airliners magazine a year or so ago. But I do remember thier 727's and DC10's in the early 70's when my father worked at SFO and , as well as their commercials in the late 70's. Remember those commercials, "I'm Barbara, FLY ME!" I think it was the first airline that made me notice the DC10. I think they flew from the west coast nonstop to Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tallahassee. Can't really remember. I also flew on a Pan Am DC10 (ex National DC10) in 1982, just after the merger, it was strange, because I had flown on PAA before, but to get on a Pan Am jet with orange and yellow seats was quite a shock to the system. Those colors were fine in the 70's, but I think in the 80's, they would be out of date. (the interiors that is)..Loved their livery though..

RE: National Airines (Sun King) Reminencses

Tue Sep 12, 2000 10:22 am

My favorite memory of National was their "Fly Me" advertising campaign when they had girls names plasterd on the front of the planes. I loved the TV commercials with the stewardesses (yes back before they were called F/A"s) saying "Hi, I'm Lisa (or whatever name), Fly me!" in real sexy tone.

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