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Anyone Else Stuck In OHare On 9-11-2000?

Tue Sep 12, 2000 10:29 pm

Hi all...
Due to bad weather on the 11th of September, O'Hare was shut down for about an hour and the delays after that were horrible...
I got a great view of this from seat 10A on the AA Fokker 100 I was on for 4 hours on the ground before we finally took off...
Hats off to American for keeping us informed the whole time... sorry to the guy that missed the Jets home opener due to the delay..(we were supposed to land at 4:15.. Landed at HPN just after 9:20...a little over 5 hours late..)
Anyone else there?
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RE: Anyone Else Stuck In OHare On 9-11-2000?

Tue Sep 12, 2000 10:35 pm

I got stuck w/ 4 hours of overtime there if that counts 
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RE: Anyone Else Stuck In OHare On 9-11-2000?

Tue Sep 12, 2000 10:49 pm

Yes, I also had a problem yesterday.
I just flew back from Dallas. I knew that they were going to be storms in Chicago but when I arrived at DFW yeaterday, my flight to Chicago was still on time. I was normally supposed to fly to Brussels through Chicago. I was scheduled to leave DFW at 330PM local time, the flight was canceled and they rescheduled me on a later flight to Chicago. From Dallas to Chicago, American has at least one flight every hour and all of them were either canceled or delayed !!! There was a direct flight with Sabena but I couldn't get on that one because my luggages were already checked. So they finally rescheduled me on the flight to Paris CDG connecting on a Sabena flight to Brussels. The flight to Paris left on time, I made it to my connecting flight to Brussels but my I didn't get my luggages! I went to the Sabena luggage service and had them file a report for my lost luggages.

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