Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Thu Sep 14, 2000 11:50 am

My wife and I had the pleasure of spending Labor Day weekend in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was our first visit to Montreal and we really had a great time.

Since we live in Boston we drove which took us roughly 5 1/2 hours each way. It was a very pleasant drive and we got to see some great scenery, especially driving through Vermont.

However, to get to the point, I was able to see some "beautiful birds" during my visit since I realized that Dorval International (YUL) is right nearby! Would anyone be kind enough to share their thoughts on Dorval, whether you are a pilot or a frequent user of Dorval?

Quite possibly my wife and I will fly the next time we go, Air Canada and Delta are the two main carriers that service BOS and YUL.

Merci beaucoup! (French for thanks alot!)
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RE: Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Thu Sep 14, 2000 5:51 pm

Underserviced definately, try getting a flight from Europe to Montreal in the summer, impossible! What montreal needs is more airlines! so does Toronto!
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RE: Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Fri Sep 15, 2000 3:19 am

I agree with Marco. I don't understand why this market is so underserved and why Dorval and Mirabel aren't alot busier. This is one of the largest cities in North America. Both are great airports.
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RE: Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Fri Sep 15, 2000 5:28 am

Both great airports. Yes, underserved internationally I suppose. Why?? Well, to be frank, doing business in Quebec is a grand headache. Please, do not take offense any aviation friends in Montreal.
but, if you do not speak French, well....
Anyway that may be one reason, perhaps costs are another. Too high for a marginal operator.
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RE: Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Fri Sep 15, 2000 5:33 am

Tan flyr is right, it's that darned Party Quebecoise, they've ruined the economy of this beautiful city. It's because of them that people are choosing Toronto instead of Montreal. Well gee Party Quebecoise, Toronto's advanced to become one of the financial centers of the world while Montreal's regressed...thanks ALOT!
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RE: Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Fri Sep 15, 2000 5:37 am

Both of Montreal's Airports are great. Dorval is only schedueled flights while Mirabel is charter. There is some MAJOR expansion at Dorval to make to airport better and more efficient. Many airlines serve Montreal-Dorval International and not Toronto (example, Swissair, Tarom, Sabena, Royal Air Maroc, Egyptair) because it is obviously underserviced and any airline that flies there will do well.

I will be going back to Dorval in december and january. By then, CanJet, RootsAir, Egyptair would already have flights to Dorval.

Any ways, both airports a great and modern.
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RE: Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Fri Sep 15, 2000 5:45 am

By the way, Montreal's economy has been skyrocketing the past few months. The city is booming but I'm sure everything will go down again when the Parti Quebecoise will make another announcement saying there calling another referendum. I live in Montreal and I see the city booming. It's sad to think those FUC_ING PQ seperatists will ruin everything again.
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RE: Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Fri Sep 15, 2000 6:06 am

Montreal's economy is doing well again, but for many years it did quite poorly. During that time air travel stagnated, so demand has a lot of growth to do before Montreal catches up to comparable levels of service to other cities.

I do, however, think that Montreal's overseas flights are reasonably well served. There's room for a few more routes, but between the scheduled and charter operations, Montreal has reasonably good overseas flights. Montreal's real weakness is domestic flights. Toronto has scores of flights to Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver, while Montreal has relatively few. Montreal needs growth in these markets first and foremost. Past that, it also needs flights to more middle-sized US centres.

As evidence that it's short-to medium North American routes that need more service, consider the relatively high proportion of traffic from Montreal that's overseas: I think it's obvious that it's increases in domestic and US, in both capacity and in demand, that need to occur.

Ahh, Montreal. I remember some years ago spending quite a number of weekends and a few weeks of a summer there when my father was sent there temporarily by his company. I remember where the best bagels I've ever had were, not far from where the Montreal Forum was... I remember watching a baseball game at Olympic Stadium... I remember the St. Hubert chicken restaurants all over... I remember flying the B727 for the first time, on YYC-YUL...
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RE: Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Fri Sep 15, 2000 9:20 pm

Maybe Montreal is underserviced when you talk about flights within north america,but as far as europe is concerned it looks well serviced...even if it's hard to get a seat on a flight during summer;but nowadays it gets harder and harder to get a seat during summer on any transatlantic flight unless you book 3 months in advance!
Take the YUL-CDG route: during summer there are 2 AF,1 AC,2 Air Transat on a regular basis, + sometimes Royal and Canada 3000,pretty good hey?
not to mention most major euro airlines are flying to YUL like SN,BA,SR and KL...
nevertheless I'd be the 1st to be happy if competition growed since the normal price of a YUL-CDG in eco is around 400 us$ (round trip from CDG) while it is 300 us$ to JFK ...funny since the last time I flew to JFK on TW ,we flew over MONTREAL!!!!!
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RE: Thoughts On Dorval Int'l (YUL)

Fri Sep 15, 2000 10:07 pm

Volume isn't everything. How difficult is it to get on these flights in winter? Ask BA how much they are not making on Montreal - LHR. With CP gone, it hurts in Canada for non-Stars.

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