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Have You Heard Your Friend Said "I'm Going To Fly"

Thu Sep 14, 2000 12:02 pm

A while ago, my friend never asked me for their trip to Connecticut for the wedding. That's surprised me that they didn't know where the airport is closer than they thought! He wanted to go to Norwich, CT for wedding. Guess what airport he fly to? He flew to Newark, NJ to rent a car to drive for four hours! I told him, why don't you fly to Hartford,CT or Providence, RI which less than hour to drive? What is a waste total trip!

Long time ago, a friend of mine. The parents who wanted to visiting their son in New York near Ithaca. I asked them where do you fly to? They said, oh, We are going to fly to Syracuse, NY. I said aloud, Syracuse!!! It's too far to drive! Did you know that Ithaca have airline jet serve by US Air (that time called US Air long time ago).... They said, no way never heard of it. My son told the only way to fly out Syracuse! She called her son and the travel agent near Ithaca told him to fly to Syracuse! The travel agent is too dumb!! They don't know where they live there!!!!! What is a shame of it! Wow! Poor thing, they have to drive a few hours for nothing just 30 minutes instead!


Anyone who heard about story and please post it. I would like to hear story. It is very interesting.

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RE: Have You Heard Your Friend Said "I'm Going To Fly"

Thu Sep 14, 2000 9:48 pm

The story about Connecticut hits home because that's where I live.

Although I have now moved away from the Hartford area and closer to New York (still in Connecticut), you would not believe how many people in my new area go through the hassles of driving more than two hours to get to LGA (only to be delayed and pay up the wazoo for parking) when they can fly from Hartford (an hour away) at less money.

Seems to me the issue here is a lack of geographical awareness that can be solved only by cracking open an atlas and asking questions.
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