Wed Mar 10, 1999 8:18 am

What was it like to fly Valujet? I heard Valujet had a nickname "The Peanut Airline" because they served peanuts. Also, were they like Southwest?
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RE: Valujet

Wed Mar 10, 1999 9:41 am

ValuJet had a very friendly staff and employed many young people. Although there were no full blown meals served, the flight attendants were constantly walking up and down the aisles offering peanuts, pretzels, or cookies and drinks. I don't remember being called the peanut airline. I think that was Texas International.
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RE: Valujet

Wed Mar 10, 1999 12:02 pm

They tried to make flying fun for the passengers by playing games when they started the descent, such as who had the oldest penny, questions about Atlanta sports teams, etc. The person who thought he/she had the answer would pull their call button and the flight attendants would give them a prize, such as a bag of goodies or a ValuJet frisbee, all with the critter on it.
I was very impressed with the captain of a DC-9 flight from Midway to Dulles. Before takeoff, he walked to the front of the cabin, took the flight attendant's mike, and made the welcome aboard announcement while facing his planeload of passengers. He said he would get us to Washington as quickly and safely as possible. He appeared to be a seasoned pilot, maybe from Eastern or Pan Am or some other failed airline. It was a very enjoyable experience flying ValuJet.

Bob Bradley
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RE: Valujet

Wed Mar 10, 1999 12:15 pm

Bob's right about the contests. I remember being on a plane when a trivia question was asked. "What product makes breath fresher and makes teeth whiter" My friend answered it and won a ValuJet chip clip. ValuJet will always be a special airline to me. They hired me as a ticket agent in 1995 so I feel I owe them.
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RE: Valujet

Wed Mar 10, 1999 3:39 pm

isn't air tran now run by the same valujet management. What has
changed about the service and staff?
I've flown on 9V-SPK.