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New Vanguard Page!

Mon Sep 18, 2000 2:33 am

Vanguard has updated its home page www.flyvanguard.com and they have also expanded service to LGA and LAX from MCI. Post your thoughts

RE: New Vanguard Page!

Mon Sep 18, 2000 2:35 am

I wish that they would have Nonstop service from PIT-LGA and LAX.
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RE: New Vanguard Page!

Mon Sep 18, 2000 4:13 am

It is a great improvement. Their old site sucked. Now all they need is a new livery.

RE: New Vanguard Page!

Mon Sep 18, 2000 4:30 am

I think Vaguard has finnaly screwed their head on correctly. Flying smart routes from their acknowleged home base with a professional, easy to use website can only help them in their fight against bankruptcy. I think focusing on MCI, rather than ATA and SW's MDW is a much smarter move. Also, I can't imagine that flights to LGA and LAX won't fill up. If they had applied for the National rights when they were up for grabs, well than you'd see a smart airline. I bet they'll be around for a bit longer now, so long they don't restart that ATL-PIT route with no feed or name recognition at either end.

Tom in NO
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RE: New Vanguard Page!

Mon Sep 18, 2000 4:41 am

I hope they have turned it around. They have a history of being a money-losing airline that doesn't pay their bills, consequently, they owe their debtors (airports, fuelers, etc.) a bunch of money.

They're supposed a add a third MSY-MCI flight in October.

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