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Airliner Recording

Mon Sep 18, 2000 2:06 pm

I am an airliner enthusiast who has an unusual side of this hobby, in that I collect the sounds of airliners, specifically the engine sounds. I began recording audio sounds in 1972, with a Vickers Viscount(now owned by the Mid Atlantic Air Museum), and an ex- Northwest Electra, N128US. I need the help of enthusiasts who also have recorded classic airliners, with an emphasis on complete inflight recordings.This would be startup, taxi,engine check, takeoff, climb,cruise, descent, landing, taxi, and shutdown. The aircraft i am seeking include...
DC4,DC7,Constellation,Convair 440,880,990,Viscount,Vangard, DC8 with JT3C and JT4 engines, and any RR Conway engines.This history is all too fast disappearing! Please advise what you have to.., Thank you.