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LH Cargo Getting Rid Of 747Fs?

Mon Sep 18, 2000 9:08 pm

After the sale of three 747-230B(F) to Southern Air I just read on that Lufthansa will sell 5 more Cargo-Jumbos - to Varig´s new Freighter-division VarigLog when new MD 11F´s are being delivered to Frankfurt.

I thought LH-Cargo is very successful, so why are they downgrading from 747F´s to MD 11F´s? When they sell these 5 Jumbos they only have a handful left (and these will most probably be the pure, non-converted Freighters).

Maybe this is an indication that LH Cargo is short of ordering 747-400F´s? Or converting newer 747-200 passenger planes into Freighters when the A340-600s are coming? The last MD 11F´s cannot fill the whole gap.
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RE: LH Cargo Getting Rid Of 747Fs?

Mon Sep 18, 2000 9:28 pm

LH has not been selling it's purpose built 747-230F's. They have been selling some of their older passenger converted 747SF's. This makes a lot of sense with the addition of 14 MD11F's, some of the 747's will go. I doubt you will see the 747F's with the nose cargo door go until they buy some other replacement freighters.