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USAIR'S Safety.

Tue Sep 19, 2000 2:36 pm

Hi All,

Well I am flying USAIR in 2 weeks on the 737-300 & 400 as well as the A320 and MD80. Of course they are safe if they are still flying but comparing them to other US carriers are they considered safe?
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RE: USAIR'S Safety.

Tue Sep 19, 2000 2:46 pm

Well, I fly US most of the time, and I've only died once.

Seriously, US had a very unlucky spell, and you always hear about the 5 crashes in the early nineties. However, none were attributed to pilot error (although rules and training have changed such that some of the accidents would be ruled as such today).

US actually has industry leading pilot training from what I understand. Their homegrown 737 policies in the wake of the rudder suspicions was adopted by the rest of the industry. (Note 737s flying a little faster than they used to on approaches now.)

Enjoy your trip.
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RE: USAIR'S Safety.

Wed Sep 20, 2000 2:53 am

I'm a Dividend Gold passenger on US Airways. I also live in Pittsburgh. If you fly the approach onto Rwy 32 over the city, you're coming in over my house.  

US is my favorite carrier, and I'm completely comfortable with them. They did have some problems in the past, but that was before I started flying. If you take the "its only relevent if I remember it" approach, US Airways is one of the safest carriers in the US.