Commercial Aviation Publishers

Mon Nov 16, 1998 7:41 am

Does anyone know of any good Comercial Aviation book publishers? If so then please E-mail me!!!
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RE: Commercial Aviation Publishers

Fri Nov 20, 1998 8:29 am

Here are some good civil aviation books with
full information. If you have questions, mail
me !

- "Modern Civil Aircraft : 10 - Mc Donnell Douglas DC-9/MD-80 & MD-90", Günter Endres, Ian Allen Publishing, 1991

- "Boeing 747 in colour", Jonathan Falconer, Ian
Allan Publishing, 1993

- "1001 Vliegtuigen", François Gross, Rebo Productions, 1993 (written in Dutch, but also available in english !)

- "Civil Aircraft", Derek Avery, Wordsworth/Select Editions, 1995

- "80 years of civil aviation", Peter Marriott, Select Editions/Selectabook ltd., 1997

! Also KLM Airlines have some very good publications. Very interesting is their year-overview publications !

Sometimes, here in Belgium a few shops sell
some (very) interesting aviationbooks against
LOW prices...

Dirk - Belgium