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Challange For All JFK Phographers...

Sat Sep 23, 2000 1:31 am

How come there are no pictures of a Qantas B747 @ JFK on this website?   Over 100,000 images, the best library of airplane pictures on the web, but this one is just missing there is my challenge.  
Any other pictures missing in here?


PS: This is about as close as I could get seeing a Qantas plane @ JFK   (look very carefully in the background)

Click for large version
Click here for full size photo!

Photo © Justin Cederholm - Orlando/Tampa Aviation Photography

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RE: Challange For All JFK Phographers...

Sat Sep 23, 2000 2:14 am

I took that picture. Funny thing was, we didn't know Qantas was going to come in. About 10 minutes after we got done spotting and we were checking in at the gate, it rolled by. I hope to go back up soon, and I PROMISE I will nail it.

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