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Cathays A330

Sat Sep 23, 2000 7:37 pm

How many A330s does Cathay have and on which routes are they used?
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RE: Cathays A330

Sat Sep 23, 2000 8:03 pm

Cathay has at the moment 12 Airbus A330-343 with Trent772-60 engines. Seven more A333 will be delivered in the year 2001. Hope that helps.
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RE: Cathays A330

Sat Sep 23, 2000 8:06 pm

Dont know how many they have in their fleet but two of the many cities they fly A330's to are Colombo in Sri Lanka and Karachi in Pakistan 

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RE: Cathays A330

Sat Sep 23, 2000 8:53 pm

Cathay Pacific A330-300 service on FUK, KIX, NGO, SEL, TPE, BKK, CGK, DPS, SUB, MNL, Cabu ,KUL , Colombo, Penang, Karachi, Brisbane, and PER. Correct me if I wrong, I am staff in the airlines in Hong Kong.
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RE: Cathays A330

Sat Sep 23, 2000 9:02 pm

Pleanty more coming !

I think three arrive in march !!!, that has to be a Hong Kong record.

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RE: Cathays A330

Sun Sep 24, 2000 1:27 am

Question: what planes does CX primarily use on their HKG-NRT route? 777-300's and 747's?

RE: Cathays A330

Sun Sep 24, 2000 2:09 am

On the HKG-NRT, CX use the 747 400 and 777 200/300.
The 747 400 is in a three class configuration whereas the 777 200 are two class ( business and economy)
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To N503JB

Sun Sep 24, 2000 2:12 am

Does Cathay have any plans to fly to Honolulu. Also, why has the airline invested so heavily in Airbus planes?