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Virgin Atlantic To Australia?

Sun Sep 24, 2000 2:54 am

With the addition of Virgin Blue in Australia and the recent investment from Singapore Airlines, does this mean that soon Virgin Atlanitc might start flying service to Australia with a stop in Singapore? It seems logical enough to me. Also, what kind of plane would be most logical for that flight; A340 or 744.

I'm also looking to find out if a rumor I heard about Virgin possibly ordering 777s is true so if anyone has heard anything about that I would appreciate hearing about it.

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RE: Virgin Atlantic To Australia?

Sun Sep 24, 2000 3:11 am

Virgin and Australia would be nice but they already have a code share with MAS over Kuala Lumpur, a tie up with Ansett over HKG and are 49% owned by Singapore.

It probably will happen, but the context will have to fall within the UK/Australia agreements.

As far as equipment is concerned, either type would be fine and the A3XX would be ideal (in "Backpacker fit" )

As far as the B777 situation is concerned, Virgin did place returnable deposits on a small number of delivery positions (two I think) and then gave a questionnaire to passengers about big twins over water.

The resulting 80%+ request NOT to use twins was amajor factor in Virgin selling on those positions and ordering A340-600s.