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UA/US, Post Merger, Hub Flying...

Tue Sep 26, 2000 1:04 pm

Do you see UA restructuring some hub and spoke flying to the more efficient, less congested facilities, at PIT and CLT? Since UA has stated that they will be committed to these US hubs, I see this as a way of relieving some of the overload from ORD. No question, ORD has had its capacity problems, lately.Would like to read some opinions on the subject. Thanks.

RE: UA/US, Post Merger, Hub Flying...

Tue Sep 26, 2000 1:06 pm


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Tue Sep 26, 2000 1:21 pm

Not true.

Here is an excerpt from a press release from United Airlines about the merger:
The Combined Company - Unparalleled Service:

United plans to serve all cities now served by US Airways. United plans to also offer 64 new daily non-stop flights in the U.S. and 29 new daily international flights. Passengers will benefit from more non-stop domestic flights. For example:

From Pittsburgh, United plans to introduce the only daily non-stop service to San Jose, CA and Portland, OR and add two non-stops a day to Denver.

From Philadelphia, United plans to offer the only daily non-stop service to San Jose, CA, Portland, OR and Orange County, CA.

From Charlotte, United plans to introduce the only daily non-stop service to Portland, OR, and San Antonio, TX.

From Washington Dulles, United plans to introduce the only daily non-stop service to Orange County, CA.

From Tampa, United plans to provide the only daily non-stop service to San Francisco.

Passengers will also benefit from more flights to Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Some examples of these flights include:

From Pittsburgh, United plans to introduce new one-stop service to significant Asian capitals, such as Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore, as well as to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and other Latin American cities.

From Washington Dulles, United plans to add the only daily non-stop flights to Copenhagen and Bermuda.

From Philadelphia, United plans to introduce the only non-stop service to four international destinations - Amsterdam, Brussels, Vancouver and Barbados. United also plans to offer additional daily non-stop service to Frankfurt, Germany.

From Charlotte, United plans to provide the only one-stop service to Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Taipei, and Seoul and new one-stop service from Charlotte to Caracas, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

The transaction will significantly enhance the ability of US Airways hubs in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Charlotte to grow and compete with other hubs and international gateways, giving passengers easier access to the West and to destinations in Latin America, Asia and Europe.

United is committing that it will not increase U.S. point-to-point structure fares for two years following the closing of the merger, with exceptions only for increases in fuel cost and consumer price index (CPI).

United is also committing that for two years following completion of the merger, travel agents are guaranteed no reduction in domestic standard base commission rates.

Following the transaction, US Airways' facilities, routes, equipment and personnel will operate under the United Airlines name. The combined company would have approximately 145,000 employees worldwide. This combination would create a global airline with revenue in excess of $25 billion.

James E. Goodwin, chairman and chief executive officer of UAL Corporation, said, "This combination provides significant benefits to the communities and customers served by both companies. The addition of US Airways will greatly improve United's ability to serve customers in the East and to open its worldwide network to them. Similarly, the combination creates more travel options and convenience for Star Alliance passengers who travel to the cities US Airways serves. As the first carrier with a strong presence across the U.S., United will be positioned to provide a competitive challenge in new areas. We have the financial strength and unencumbered assets to continue to grow the company."

Mr. Goodwin continued, "For the passenger and cargo customers of United, this merger will fill a geographic void along the East coast and offers new reach to the East and Southeast. It also will provide new competition to others currently serving those regions. US Airways' system will allow United to serve Trans-Atlantic, Latin American and Caribbean routes more effectively, intensifying competition in those markets, and will improve our ability to reach Asian destinations from across the U.S. This combination will also allow us to enhance our code-sharing alliance, with our Star Alliance partners, particularly across the Atlantic, making use of US Airways' Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Charlotte hubs. Together, we will be able to upgrade service and access to the world for our customers. Our customers will be linked to a system that will directly carry them to the commercial centers of the world. In short, United and US Airways together will create a more efficient global airline network that can improve the quality of service for its customers.

"We welcome the US Airways employees who will be joining the United family. Both United and US Airways employees are known for their commitment to service and professionalism. We look forward to offering them additional opportunity in the combined company. In addition, United intends to honor all union contracts, and this transaction will not result in any furloughs of United or US Airways employees," Mr. Goodwin added.

Stephen M. Wolf, chairman of US Airways Group, Inc., said, "The agreement we are announcing today, in which United and US Airways will merge, is a milestone in aviation history, melding the route systems and assets of two proud and successful carriers into this nation's and the world's largest and most comprehensive airline network. During the past four years, working closely with the 40,000 dedicated employees at US Airways, we have made enormous strides toward achieving our aim of becoming the carrier of choice. Today we have the opportunity to achieve our goal of becoming a world-class global carrier in a single stroke.

"By joining US Airways with United, we deliver value for our stockholders, provide dramatically improved global service for customers and achieve long-term security and career opportunities for US Airways' employees. This is the right combination, the right partner, the right time and the right step for our customers, communities, shareholders and our employees," Mr. Wolf added.

Check out this route map also of routes that would result from a combined United-US Airways:,10017,2104,00.html
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RE: UA/US, Post Merger, Hub Flying...

Tue Sep 26, 2000 1:22 pm

I could see CLT being a super power much like ATL
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RE: UA/US, Post Merger, Hub Flying...

Tue Sep 26, 2000 2:09 pm

Chieftan, first off, hit your capslock key.

Second, what are your sources that one of PHL and PIT will be closed?

Fact is, the Northeast is a very densely populated place. Hubs at both PIT and PHL would be quite useful even with ORD down the road another 500 miles. And, any way you slice it, ORD is full. PIT is not.

RE: UA/US, Post Merger, Hub Flying...

Tue Sep 26, 2000 2:13 pm

Thought you said there wouldn't BE a merger DLX....
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RE: UA/US, Post Merger, Hub Flying...

Tue Sep 26, 2000 2:19 pm

This thread is about post merger flying, as in assuming the merger occurs, what will happen.

Everyone knows that I fully believe the merger won't occur, but if the sun doesn't rise in the east, and this merger does occur, the ideas posted here are my opinion of what would happen (or not happen) next.