TWA 767 Transcon Service

Wed Sep 27, 2000 12:05 pm

Hi folks,

I just booked a TWA SFO-JFK transcon on the 767 (flight842). How is the service? I've been flying TWA quite a bit recently through STL, and I'm tired of the bag meals. Do transcons have real meals? Is the 767 comfortable? I've heard TWA fans raving about the TW 767s, so I'm interested to see what the experience is like. And I want to know if I need to bring my own lunch.

RE: TWA 767 Transcon Service

Wed Sep 27, 2000 12:34 pm

Haven't been on ol' 842, (famous designation, goes way back), but I can assure you, you will arive in NY on time.

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RE: TWA 767 Transcon Service

Wed Sep 27, 2000 12:38 pm

Well I haven't flown TWA for I think maybe a year now but their 767s are fine and I've flown quite a few. They seem to have as much leg room (in coach) as anyone else, except maybe AA now. I've been on some with footrests in coach, that's nice. Some of the 762s are kind of dirty and getting old but they are fine. As for the meals...well last time I flew them on LAX-JFK I arrived NYC salivating for a bagel, or anything. It wasn't that the food was not edible but that it simply wasn't there. I don't if that has improved, but it wasn't very good then. As for lunch, I odn't think many airlines will give a full lunch if it is a morning flight and there is breakfast. Recently I've been flying AA on transcon flights, I still get AS miles either way, but there are 11 flights on AA between LAX-JFK all 767s, yet only 4 on TWA and some are 752s. Next time I would like to fly TW though and there should be a 5th LAX-JFK, I guess now that we are a focus city.

Hope that helped some...oh no person TVs.